Sorta Heavy Metal Launch


Super XX Man Sorta Heavy Metal Tour! We're hitting the road and celebrating the launch of our brand new album
2/12, 9/12, 16/12 - Album Launch at the Grace Darling Cellar w/ local heroes Courtney Barnett, Kikuyu, Lehmann B. Smith, and DJ Jenny O'Keefe from PBS Homebrew.
15/12 - 2pm In Store performance at Pure Pop Records in St. Kilda
12/1 - Grand Poobah in Hobart, Tasmania w/ Kikuyu
19/1 - Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine, VIC w/ Kikuyu
27/1 - Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide, SA w/ Kikuyu

Sorta Heavy Metal is the featured album during the week of November 26th on PBS 106.7FM - tune in as it's a great station here in Melbourne.  Worldwide listeners click here.

The album is available on limited edition powder blue vinyl, CD, and download.  Check it out on Bandcamp here.


Sorta Heavy Metal pre-order


The Pozible campaign is wrapped up and all supporters should have their rewards by now.  Please consider posting to your own blogs, facebook, and twitter just how much you love the album and think it is gorgeous - especially if you are holding the beautiful limited edition powder-blue vinyl.  Let all your friends know they can pre-order their copy today at our Bandcamp site!  There's about 150 left and there will be no additional printings.  Thanks mates.  Cheers!

Super XX Man has already been busy promoting the album here in Melbourne.  Peter and Scott performed "Sorta Heavy Metal" live on Triple R radio.  Scott recently guessed on a local show called Musical Chairs as part of PBS 106.7 FM's The Breakfast Spread.  Scott was asked to play music that influenced his songwriting.  Included in the set were Eric Metronome, Antietam, Sebadoh, Eric's Trip, and Halo Benders.  Stream it here.  Scroll through to about 151 minutes.

The album received the "Spotlight Release" for the week of October 8th on the popular PBS Radio show called Homebrew. 

Thanks everyone!

Praise for Vol. XIV "Sorta Heavy Metal" -

"Super XX Man has made an album that sounds fresh, unselfconscious, surprising and alive. In this era of 'everyone and their grandma is making a record', this is not an easy feat!" - Laura Veirs

“I love it. I wait excitedly for each word and then the next. The arrangements are inviting but never overtake the unfolding stories.  It really is a stunner!”
– Tucker Martine, Grammy nominated producer (The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket)


Hey hey hey... Super XX Man has landed in Melbourne.  Let the gig booking begin!


Having a blast playing venues such as the Wesley Anne, and The Old Bar.  While it would sure be nice to have the band here, it's been quite nice to sing solo again too.


Regular updating will be through facebook so stay tuned...

Vol. XIV Sorta Heavy Metal

I am raising money to produce the 14th full-length album by Super XX Man (pronounced super double x man). The writing, recording, and mastering is 100% completed and funded. Now it’s time to make the final product. My goal with Pozible is to raise enough money to manufacture CDs, Vinyl LPs, make T-Shirts, and update the Super XX Man site.  You will only receive your reward if I reach my target goal.  So, please spread the word.

Super XX Man (pronounced super double x man) is my recording project spanning 17 years and 13 full-length albums. I recently moved with my family to Melbourne, Australia. This is our new home and I am very excited to start sharing my music with everyone in Australia. This album is important to me, as it will be my Australian debut. It has to be special.

This album is a representation of the mundane becoming profound. The brush strokes are minimal. Some of the content is light and some of it, dark. I see myself at the blackboard marking out my lines only to have the song break from what’s expected, either lyrically or musically, causing my hand to shoot off diagonally. Each song contemplates a story about life. I want the listener to “see” the songs. The listener experiences “Kids are gone I might get tired, I might get fat” or “I waited for your fall, I waited just to catch you” through their own unique lenses. This is no screenplay. These are snapshots of my soul realized in song and I invite you to put yourself in these songs, too.

Here’s a little bit about the Australian version of Super XX Man: I have the great fortune of recording and performing with Peter Joseph Head and Hannah O’Keefe. I couldn’t be luckier to have met such truly wonderful musicians and quality human beings. One need only hear the recordings to understand what I’m talking about. Peter’s talents are not limited in any way. He plays cello with a bow, his fingers and he practically makes the thing feedback like an electric guitar. That’s not all either. He also brings a new flavor to Super XX Man – a Japanese instrument called the koto. You can hear this beautiful instrument on tracks “Best friends” and “Sorta heavy metal.” Hannah O’Keefe contributes her voice and her voice is a thing of beauty as she harmonizes on standout tracks “To the water” and “Away I go now,” among others.

Each song was constructed around a live vocal, guitar, and cello performance. Peter and I then overdubbed additional instruments by co-producing and engineering each other’s work. Hannah added her parts after the songs were nearly complete. My good friend Dave McNair of Dave McNair Mastering put the finishing touches on my mixing job and the results are spectacular. I really want you to hear this Australian debut album by Super XX Man. I also want you to see it as you hold it in your hands. The artwork is by my good friend, Shawn Camp. He and I have played music together in my old band, Silver Scooter. He’s a tremendously gifted painter living in Austin, TX.

Should I be successful in raising the money to bring this album to life you will be able to hear it in many formats. In addition to high quality downloadable formats, the album will be available on CD as well as LP. Every LP will come with a digital download. This will be the first ever vinyl release by Super XX Man since the Vol. III EP.

Praise for Vol. XIV Sorta Heavy Metal:

“I love it. I wait excitedly for each word and then the next. The arrangements are inviting but never overtake the unfolding stories. It really is a stunner!” – Tucker Martine, Grammy nominated producer (The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, Laura Veirs)

A fond Portland farewell from Super XX Man

Super XX Man is set to play one last show at Alberta St. Pub March 17th.  The reason for this is Scott is moving with his family to Melbourne, Australia.  He will no doubt be producing, recording, and gigging as he prepares the makings of Volume XIV. Be prepared for this Austalia - guy with funny accent singing original songs from about 14 albums!

The secure online store will be open for a limited time only after which time making purchases through your favorite digital retailer is recommended.  All titles are available until March 14th.  Volume XIII will continue to be available until the store closes early April.  Portland music fans can continue to find physical copies at our favorite local store Tender Loving Empire.

Thanks for your support!  We are proud to have been part of the ever growing and changing Portland music scene for the last 9 years.