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First San Francisco Shows in nearly 10 years 

I'm pleased to announce that my good friends at the Hemlock Tavern have invited me in.  I'll be opening for a superb songwriter, Daniel Martin Moore.  I'm on early so plan on arriving by 8pm.  See you soon!

Later in the month I will be opening for Karl Blau.  He's a legend.  Come check it out!  That show is at the Starline Social Club in Oakland.  Be there or be square dudes.

20th Anniversary Success! 

The 20th anniversary celebration was a huge success!  The intimate afternoon show was recorded for an upcoming live album.  The Carousel Lounge absolutely rocked, especially by the time Silver Scooter took the stage.  Thanks everyone!!! In case you want one, there are still limited quantities of the Vol. XVI "Talk About" Picture Disc.  Get yours here.

Introducing Vol. XVI "Talk About" 

“I am enjoying the new batch of songs. You've got some new sounds and some new voices in the mix. The songwriting is mature, yet more playful at times, too. You've got catchy tunes, good melodies and harmonies, and a tidy running length. I like it when albums clock in around 30 minutes.”

                    - Travis Higdon, Peek-a-Boo Records


I gave my first ever cassette tape to Travis Higdon 20 years ago while living in Austin, TX.  That was Vol. I and this is now.  I’m up to Vol. XVI, the final chapter in my Australian adventure.


“Talk About” is the 16th full length album by Super XX Man.  So what’s to talk about? Well, for one, Travis is right.  It does feature some new voices.  Peter Joseph Head steps up with plenty of backing vocals.  I snagged email pen-pal Devon Sproule while she was on a day off from her first ever Australian tour.  We arranged a live duet, “Sparrow,” and she laid down funky jazz bits on “No Alibi.”  Sproule then proceeded to sing a classic country harmony on “Talk About.”  Peter and I left the record button on so she could then “talk about” whatever it was she was going on about.  In Australia people go on “walk about.”  I guess she was going on “talk about.”

The artwork is by my cousin Denise Renno. Mastering of this album was by Warren Gardiner.  He's a gem!

20 Year Anniversary 

New releases and two shows in Austin, TX! Join us this November 14th for the celebration. Scott will perform an intimate house show along with long-time members Josh Woods on bass and Zach Boyle on guitar. Later in the evening, we will take over the Carousel Lounge (if you think it sounds like an Austin landmark, it is). This is a 'friends of SXXM anything goes rock' set followed by great local band San Saba County. For sale at both shows will be limited edition picture discs. This will be a 7" record featuring two songs from Vol. XVI "Talk About"  More on the shows and these releases soon!